aviaQuote - Premium

The advanced transactional service with evaluation of unlimited amount of MPD tasks and with up to 50 customer task cards and with even more valuable information!
  • MPD tasks < 500
  • Task cards/Service Bulletins/Airworthiness Directives < 25
€ 5350.00

What you get?

Summary per sub-workpacks: 

  • MPD, access, handling
  • Defects
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Customer Tasks, SBs, ADs, EOs
  • Additional work expected
  • Components
  • Deferred items 

Customization of workpack evaluation per customer requirements, limitations and capabilities

Shorter response time compared to standard service – 4 working days after confirmation from our side that the required input meets the requirements

Customer support via e-mail plus 1 hour live session per workpack evaluation


Tasks distribution by sub-workpack

Task remarks