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€ 2750.00

Tapping into new business opportunities, mastering complexity, and increasing the predictability of layover progress are some of the most frequently mentioned challenges for MROs. What about addressing all those issues with a single service? 

You want to get all information out of even the most complex workpacks? You want to have reliable predictions of what lies ahead of you? You want to win new business even when your experts are overloaded? You want to quote with confidence and avoid surprises after? You want to have clarity on the potential profitability of the layovers you are bidding for? Our mission is to assist MROs with precise evaluations in terms of TAT and MHRs. Our service is based on the team’s experience of 7000+ evaluations that are proven to increase competitiveness of the commercial offerings. We are here to help you with complex tenders, mix of operators having different requirements, and tight deadlines!



  • Precise TAT, MHRs, defects’ estimation
  • Ability to participate in complex tenders with short preparation times
  • Confident evaluations allow to tap into business with new/unknown airlines


  • MRO employees/technical staff will be able to focus on their core tasks
  • Better utilization of the slots through more accurate TAT estimations
  • Defects’ estimation accuracy based on 30+ parameters 
  • Scalable high-quality service, fueled by 5000+ layovers over the past 10 years

Technical features

  • Accessibility: Structured evaluation with grouping of tasks by MPD, access, handling, defects, exterior, interior, customer tasks, SBs, ADs, EOs, additional work expected, components and deferred items.
  • Speed: Scalable service offering the ability to react on short notice with transparent Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Support: Direct contact with our engineers through e-mail and live session options.
  • Customization: customized evaluation based on your MRO’s setup and capabilities.
  • Adaptability: Updates on the evaluations when deltas come into play.
  • Experience: Increased predictability of your upcoming layover by accessing highlights and insights for possible defects and TAT extensions developed based on our extensive hands-on experience.

Standard service

MPD tasks: < 500
Task cards/Service Bulletins/Airworthiness Directives: < 25

  • Summary per sub-workpacks:
  • MPD, access, handling
  • Defects
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Customer Tasks, SBs, ADs, EOs
  • Additional work expected
  • Components
  • Deferred items
  • Customization of workpack evaluation per customer requirements, limitations and capabilities
  • Based on 600+ successfully completed layovers per year
  • Response time – 6 working days after confirmation from our side that the required input meets the requirements
  • Customer support via e-mail

Premium service 

(in addition to standard service):

MPD tasks: > 500
Task cards/Service Bulletins/Airworthiness Directives: 25-50

  • Highlights for each workpack
  • Tasks distribution by sub-workpack
  • Task remarks
  • One delta per workpack evaluation
  • Material price estimation add-on available for purchase
  • Shorter response time – 4 working days after confirmation from our side that the required input meets the requirements
  • Customer support via e-mail & 1 hour live session per workpack evaluation


(pay upfront for a pack of evaluation to be used in one calendar year):

  • Packages of evaluations – 10/25/50 per year
  • Top-up existing subscription – 5 packages
  • Only in subscription model – response time for premium – 3 days; standard – 5 days
  • Only in subscription model – WP100 is further broken down to aircraft handling, technical cleaning, access panels, special access and MPD items
  • One delta per workpack evaluation (delta – difference between initial and actual workpack at the time of quote delivery)
  • Only in subscription model – tooling estimation add-on available for purchase
  • Free material price estimation add-on (1 for pack of 10; 3 for pack of 25 and 5 for pack of 50)

Urgent evaluations:

Evaluations requested to be delivered urgently, will be delivered after confirmation by LHT at the end of the next working day following the confirmation.


*any TC/SB/AD above 25 (50 for Heavy WP) will be charged additionally €15/percard
**Cabin modifications will be handled on individual basis