Evaluations on the fly!

Tapping into new business opportunities, mastering complexity, and increasing the predictability of layover progress are some of the most frequently mentioned challenges for MROs. What about addressing all those issues with a single service?

You want to get all information out of even the most complex workpacks? You want to have reliable predictions of what lies ahead of you? You want to win new business even when your experts are overloaded? You want to quote with confidence and avoid surprises after? You want to have clarity on the potential profitability of the layovers you are bidding for? Our mission is to assist MROs with precise evaluations in terms of TAT and MHRs. Our service is based on the team’s experience of 7000+ evaluations that are proven to increase competitiveness of the commercial offerings. We are here to help you with complex tenders, mix of operators having different requirements, and tight deadlines!