We plan, you execute your success!

PlanningTOOLBOX is optimizing Base Maintenance events through predictive maintenance, powered by years of experience across 3 continents.

With data collected from 500+ layovers, executed within our network per year, we incorporate our know-how gained from similar layovers, using established feedback channels. Our product is fully adapted to our customer set up. We offer Major Activities & Critical Items per day in an optimal sequence in order to meet our customer's planned TAT and more! 

What do you get?

Your MRO will be introduced to the “Phase Concept” and it’s benefits. Our team will create a customized approach for your needs and will discuss with you the areas of improvement where our service can offer most value for your needs.

You will receive a PlannigTOOLBOX package with all handover files which include but are not limited to: List of Critical Tasks, List of Inspections, Milestone Tracker, Project Highlights, Heavy Defect Probability Items, Access Requirements and many more! 

Key advantages of chosing PlanningTOOLBOX:

  • Early identification of impactful defects

  • Pre-defined slots for major activities/tools

  • Phase concept for better management of simultaneous activities

  • Capacity Steering


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